What’s Your Favorite Season?

Artist: Michelle Speak

Sponsor: Logix Federal Credit Union

Bio: “What’s Your Favorite Season?” illustrates the four seasons – with a design style similar to her other Burbank Utility Box she worked on for the city. She included bold blocky colors to catch viewers attentions from a distance. The idea behind the box was that everyone has a favorite season that brings back good memories. By creating the four seasons, everyone will be able to reminisce about at least one season with a memorable moment.

Michelle’s approach to the project was to paint realistic paintings as she likes dreamy fun bold colors that have a hint of the vintage poster style. She believes this pays homage to the artists that paved the way for other creators. She believes that public art brightens up the neighborhood and brings excitement to locals. Michelle has learned that everyone wants to be invited in one way or another, so this piece brings the viewers to come together.

Box Description: The four seasons.

Location: Burbank & Victory Blvd