United We Rise

Artist: Meleny Pichardo

Sponsor: myBurbank

Bio: “United We Rise”  is intended to inspire and show that we are more than just a group of people living in an area. We are united and are here to love, support and encourage each other. We live in a beautiful place filled with ideas, color, and unity.

Meleny chose a bold colorful approach to fuel the viewer with excitement and happiness. The woman in the design represents mother nature, her beauty is everywhere in the neighborhood. The flower with the light bulb represents the ideas that shine when we create. The bridges in the design represent how we are connected no matter where we live or where we go. The kids depicted in the design symbolize the future and also shows curiosity and exploration as we grow. She believes that Public Art is a powerful tool in society. It has the ability to transform the site and the viewer.  Public art is important to her because it gives her the chance to inspire and give hope to others who view the art.

Box Description: Mother Nature & Community

Location: Magnolia & Hollywood Way