Under the Magnolia Tree

Artist: Ricardo Cerezo

Sponsor: First Class Real Estate

Bio: “Under the Magnolia Tree” depicts colorful lines, leaves, and tree blossoms that symbolize the creative arts (painting, drawing, culinary, filmmaking, writing), which makes up the soul of Magnolia Park. Underneath the tree are playful forest animals performing arts (singing, dancing, playing) while celebrating community. Ricardo also included a hidden face of mother nature, who is flowing in the air as a metaphor of the free spirit, adorned with a magnolia flower. The cartoon character style is a retro charm with a lighthearted color palette.

Ricardo’s utility box embodies the Magnolia Park neighborhood as a hip and funky little Mayberry with a sense of mystique–making it a world all its own. “Under the Magnolia Tree” blends character of the people and the community, emphasizing the arts and showing Magnolia Park as a safe place where everybody can express their talents, to help each other. This ties into Ricardo’s philosophy and approach of wanting to celebrate the artistry community and giving him the opportunity to tell his story of wanting to improve the neighborhood.

Box Description: Animals under magnolia tree

Location: Magnolia & Catalina