Artist: Juliane Crump

Sponsor: Fine Arts Federation

Bio: “Thrive ” features a graphical cross section of Burbank, from the Verdugo’s to the LA River. The multicolored triangles puzzle together to show the functional diversity necessary for a thriving community. Pollinators–a native bee, hummingbirds, and a monarch butterfly-flirt from the native sage to a California poppy to a manzanita under the sun. The wind blows and a small cloud brings a rain shower to complete the cycle. Juliane has a graphic arts and art direction background and a fierce love for the environment and – more recently – native California plants and habitat.

She hopes this box will promote biodiversity and awareness of all the actions that are happening beneath our notice. Before Burbank was Burbank, she was a thriving ecosystem, a self-sustaining community of plants and animals ever changing and fertile. Early Burbank was supported by farming the humble cantaloupe and by ties to the metropolis of Los Angeles. Look closely at our city parks and gardens – or hike Wildwood Canyon – and you could still see evidence of this life cycle, humming and buzzing along.

Box Description: Multicolored Triangles

Location: Magnolia & Pass