Taking a Stroll with my Best Friends

Artist: Monika Petroczy

Sponsor: Brad Korb Real Estate Group

Bio: “Taking a Stroll with my Best Friends” shows diverse people walking their dogs through various neighborhoods and communities in the city. During the Pandemic, we’ve seen people at home adopting dogs & walking them around the neighborhood. This has become immensely popular and created different opportunities to form relationships with neighbors. The people in the park area represent the Brace Canyon area & the suburban communities. The people walking by the cafĂ© represent the communities in the shopping districts. Monika’s vision and intent is to bring color, beauty, and cheer to the cityscape. She hoped to have drivers and neighbors pause and appreciate public artwork. Public art is important to her because city residents are otherwise surrounded by drab functional buildings and roadways, and this provided an avenue to uplift and inspire.

Box Description: Dog Walk in the Neighborhood

Location: Magnolia & Screenland