Memories Return

Artist: Aña-Lisa Siemsen

Sponsor: Kristin Sakoda - Inaugural Director, LA County Department of Arts and Culture

Bio: “Memories Return” illustrates a mythic woman blowing bubbles that show the large moments/memories that have been suspended, delayed or missed due to quarantine. The moments represented in the bubbles are monochromatic silhouettes. The woman is repopulating the world with the moments quarantine has stalled: weddings, graduations, birthdays/anniversary milestones, etc. The bubble that the women is blowing represents the ‘first-hug’ back that so many looked forward to from family and friends.

Aña-Lisa said that upon thinking about the theme “Memorable Moments” it was hard to not think back on 2020 and all the moments that were delayed or lost when trying to minimize the spread of COVID. Her utility box concept “Memories Return” is about returning and making memories with friends and loved ones. This is illustrated by a green haired lady blowing bubbles to hold the new memories we are waiting to float back down to us.

The artist believes that art is food and medicine for the soul and access to it should not be limited. Aña-Lisa understands that not everyone has time, availability or the means to access traditional gallery or museum art. With public art this eliminates the accessibility issue as the art is in an area where all can see.

Box Description: Memories and Bubbles

Location: Burbank & Reese