Memorable Moments

Artist: David Vega

Sponsor: The Conner Family

Bio: “Memorable Moments” represents a standstill of our daily lives. While most being fortunate to work from home, some have acquired habits of reading, writing, painting, washing our hands, getting vaccinated, and the simple art of meditation and getting to know oneself. Regardless of ones income or background, everyone should all be able to enjoy time to grow and better themselves outside the corporate work. David’s piece is really about the ‘memorable moments’ that we’ve created in our environment.┬áDavid’s approach to this box was wanting to capture the beauty of simple and creative ways that sparked joy to help others overcome what they’ve endured this past year. The life we were familiar with is slowing coming back, and David included clouds as a gentle reminder to continue practicing the calming activities he’s fallen in love with during quarantine.

David’s view on public art is that it spreads emotions from the artist onto the community. Public art displays an idea whether it’s historical or contemporary, as a way to memorialize, or inspire hope. The artist wanted to show an idea that has personal significance and meaning to themselves. The city of Burbank will always have a special place in David’s heart due to the amazing art and culture that is found within the streets.

Box Description: Clouds and Art

Location: Burbank & Hollywood Way