Love and Hope

Artist: Laishan Mui Ito

Sponsor: Crown Realty & Development

Bio: “Love and Hope” consists of a colorful background of succulents that emphasize the Old English lettering style of the words LOVE and HOPE. Laishan’s vision was to showcase the beauty of classic letterforms in positive words that remind viewers of their own memorable moments when love and hope happen.

The rendering represents the theme “Memorable Moments” with the words LOVE and HOPE. Throughout time, memorable moments in our lives often occur when we’ve found love and/or a sense of hope. The artist goes to say that succulents are resilient plants that come in a variety of shapes and colors. These plants are an example that life could be harsh sometimes, but we will still shine during the rough patches.

Laishan believes that public art is important because it is an opportunity for artists to share their passion for art with the public. It can also show that human quality when done by hand and makes the human connection with the viewers.

Box Description: Succulents and Flowers 

Location: Burbank & Ontario