Love, Kindness, Unity

Artist: Laishan Mui Ito

Sponsor: Blast From the Past

Bio: “Love, Kindness, Unity” shows a graphic interpretation of everyone in the Magnolia Park community hand in hand. The colors of the hands represent different ethnicity, flowers represents growth, and arms and hands are reaching out to hug and support one another. The rendering of the artwork is a friendly reminder of positive vibes, brought about by the usage of bright colors to celebrate the diversity of the residents in Burbank.

Laishan’s vision for this project is to use abstract and graphical elements to represent the community in Magnolia Park. Hands are symbols of human touch and connection with one another. Her hope is to bring out love and positivity in the community to celebrate diversity. Public art is important to her because it’s an opportunity for artists to express passion for art and be able to share it with the public. A lot of times artwork is done with good intention and care, one stroke at a time. It shows the human quality when i’s done by hand and makes the human connection with the viewers that is very precious in todays digital world.

Box Description: Hands & Hearts

Location: Buena Vista & Magnolia