City Birds

Artist: Cosette Grider

Sponsor: Warner Brothers Entertainment

Bio: “City Birds” illustrates a vibrant colorful ombré sunset sky. The colors melt into one another starting from purple which transitions into pink then finally orange. Cosette added simple linear black shapes of power lines and electrical towers, with bright green parrots in mid flight. A couple of green parrots perch on top of the power lines and on one side, we see a close up of a green parrot in vibrant detail. This work of art is embodying the city of Burbank by honoring the parrots that the residents have come to know and love. The birds have always been recognized but there was a particular moment in the pandemic when life felt slower and she felt more aware of their existence. When Cosette looked up at the sky one fine afternoon, she was in awe at the gorgeous sherbet colored sunset that illuminated the squawking parrots passing by.

Cosette’s thoughts on public art, is that it acts as visual stimulation to viewers, as well as it acting as inspiration. She also stated that public art allows her to feel a stronger connection with the residents as they get to see how she views beauty in simplicity and in the little things around our town.

Box Description: Green parrots in ombré sunset

Location: Burbank & Wyoming