Celebrating Community

Artist: David Vega

Sponsor: Jay Geisenheimer – Rodeo Real Estate

Bio: “Celebrating Community” illustrates a strong group coming together to uphold the community in unity and working amongst one another. The health of a community is centered around those public institutions that bring together individuals, families and other groupings of people. The community’s wellness can be attributed to the presence of and broad accessibility of these institutions; libraries, schools, parks and green spaces, housing, hospitals, regardless of one’s income or background. Community can be seen as the uniting of diverse peoples, and of mutual care, mutual aid and equal rights for all.

David says that diversity is one notable aspect of Burbank besides the rich art culture that illuminates its many unique qualities. He took each distinct neighborhood in Burbank and aimed to depict people from varying backgrounds meeting, sharing, learning and growing in unity all while demonstrating mutual respect of one another and their respective specific needs. The hands that you can see in this utility box are holding institutions that advocate for uplifting, and maintaining the health and education of the children who are responsible for our future. The hands can represent balance, but also precarity. Furthermore, the hands represent a multiplicity of races and ethnicities, which is a beautiful aspect to the county of Los Angeles–one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, which is our great strength. It is significant that at this moment of national division, where everything hangs in the balance, and the need to advocate on behalf of the principle of empathy.

Box Description: Community

Location: Hollywood Way & X-Walk