Capturing Moments

Artist: Taleen Janian

Sponsor: The Pease Family

Bio: “Capturing Moments” is a mural that captures photographs of memorable moments. Each panel shows a different type of camera and technology capturing the moments in life that show hope and joy. Pictures have a magical way to transport viewers back in time to relive a memorable moment. Some pictures just mark the moment. A new baby, a wedding, a buying a house and so much more. Each person viewing the mural will be able to connect to at least one of the images (if not more) and relive their experience.

As technology of taking photos has become more sophisticated, the want to relive them and share them have remined a simple truth. Taleen believes that the mural will have people remembering their own memorable experiences while looking at “Capturing Moments”. The eye catching colors and happy emotions from the box will bring joy to brightens ones day.

Box Description: Photos and Cameras

Location: Burbank & & Victory Blvd / Pl