Burbank Dreamin’

Artist: Michelle Speak

Sponsor: Fine Arts Federation

Bio: “Burbank Dreamin’ ” illustrates a Mid Century home with a playful landscape of palm trees, tropical plants and succulents in front of the Burbank mountains with the iconic “B”. Airplanes fly overhead with a sprinkle of playfulness of aliens joining them in the sky. Michelle’s artwork represents the theme, “Celebrate Community”, because this project acknowledges the old school Burbank that still rings true today. Michelle believes that Burbank residents try to hold on to those memories while evolving and growing as a community.

When Michelle thinks of the city of Burbank, there are two distinct memories that come to mind. The first memory is of her visiting her grandmother who lived in the city with the cute Palm tree homes and unique landscaping. The second thing that comes to mind is all the new memories of raising her son in Burbank. With that being said, Michelle wanted to render something that represents the Burbank we all love and the feeling we try to hold onto as we work our way through this new world.

Box Description: Futuristic Home w/ UFO and Airplanes

Location: Magnolia & Victory