The Burbank Arts Beautification Program – Phase 2

In 2017, five utility boxes located throughout the City of Burbank were selected and painted by 5 talented artists inspired by the theme of “A World of Possibilities”. The artists were selected through a competitive application process, which required them to meet certain criteria and guidelines. All submissions were blindly judged by a distinguished Selection Committee which included: Burbank Cultural Arts Commissioner Katherine Zoraster, Burbank High visual and performing arts instructor Rebecca Platner, Expressionist artist Randall Williams, Department of Cultural Affairs Associate Chris Riedesel, guerilla socialist artist Kathi Flood, and Burbank Art in Public Places committee member Robert Brody.

Julia Liberali Amancio, artist of the utility box sponsored by Burbank Water and Power, located at Robert E Gross Park.Its title is “A Real Imaginary World”, which represents the imagination of a child where everything is possible.  Julia is a freelance Illustrator and Character Designer. Her style is a mix of cartoon and realism, she enjoys playing with facial expressions and creating new things from her imagination. Her intent with her art is to make people feel curios and have the desire to get involved with her story behind the images and characters.

Hembert Guardado, artist of the utility box sponsored by Warner Brothers Entertainment, located at Ralph Foy Park. Its title “Tomorrow’s Artists” is meant to be a reflection of all children: free of self-expression, large imaginations, and the seed of the future. Hembert believes that the purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. He has displayed in the following galleries: Avenue 50 studio, The Hive Gallery, and Cannibal Flowers.

Marina Karapetian, artist of the utility box sponsored by DIY Home Center, located at Mountain View Park. Its title, “The Crossroads of Aspiration” represents the gregarious nature of life through the convergence of geometrical shapes, lines, colors and a musical-character depiction to reveal the unequivocal fact that a society is only as viable as it is tolerant and interdependent. As such, a tolerant society thereby evokes the prospects of endless possibilities. Her love for art has led her to accomplish the creation of many self-defined styles of paintings dubbed by many industry experts as “unique and rare”—both in texture and color coordination.

Jennifer Swain, artist of the utility box sponsored by the Zoraster Family, located at the Burbank Starlight Bowl. Its title, “Media Capitol of the World”, shows the beautiful Burbank landscape with its mountains and tall trees. Along the side is the wide variety of people and animals depicted in silhouette. The whole scene is shown through a large projector signifying “Media” in Burbank. Jennifer challenges herself with each new painting or illustration, using it as an opportunity to learn and advance her growth as an artist.

David Vega, artist of the utility box sponsored by the Burbank Fine Arts Federation, located at the Debell Golf Course. Its title, “A World of Possibilities”, which represents time passing by on Earth and the importance of seeking opportunities and attaining knowledge. Most of David’s art has been inspired by and centered on culture vibes, typography, and animals. His most recent projects include street art pieces for local businesses in the community.