Animal Politics

Artist: Paul Juno

Sponsor: Fine Arts Federation

Bio: “Animal Politics” is a recreation of an event that took place at Paul’s home. The two cats have the high ground as the dog looks up to grab the tennis ball. The table scene is filled with color, texture, interest and is heavy in detail. Paul is a pet owner and wanted to honor and share this memory of his beloved cat who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. He aimed to capture the fleeting moments with our cherished pets. The artist argues that life in Los Angeles is made sweeter when one is surrounded by loving animals; Paul has also made it a point to paint various murals of his pets around town.

Paul believes that public art is highly rewarding, being able to showcase new illustrations for Burbank through a classic combo of cats and dogs is a joy that never gets old. The box has been painted in an elegant and highly colorful design that catches looks from both drivers and local foot traffic. Murals are public art galleries for the community to enjoy on their way home and work.

Box Description: Kitties on the table

Location: Burbank & Maple