A Vintage Postcard for Burbank

Artist: Monika Petroczy

Sponsor: New York Film Academy

Bio: Its title is ‘A Vintage Postcard for Burbank’ which represents the classic vintage postcards from 1950s with famous Burbank landmarks, activities and landscapes both classic and modern.

She painted her first utility box mural helping Jen Swain in 2015, and has since painted 19 utility box murals in Ventura, Glendale, Harbor City, San Pedro and of course Burbank. Although her projects start as digital art, she finds it’s great to get away from the computer and see what will happen with low tech brushes.  She’s a website and graphic designer, cartographer, branding consultant, app developer, beach ultimate Frisbee player, gardener, hiker and passionate cat lady.

Box Description: “Greetings from Burbank California” with different landmarks from Burbank

Location: Riverside & California