A Cartoon Kingdom

Artist: Sam Grinberg

Sponsor: Warner Brothers Entertainment

Bio: “A Cartoon Kingdom” illustrates a fantastical dream like land where iconic animation studios are castles; a magician holds a magic pencil, his little penguins help carry ink, and friendly owls carry animation paper from kingdom to kingdom. This image holds Easter eggs and homages to all the studios Sam admired growing up; Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros.

What’s special to Sam about Burbank is how many talented artists work and live in this one city. He feels the animation and art community that resides in Burbank is a wonderful group of people and he’s happy to celebrate the community by illustrating this fantastical love letter. Sam’s hope is for those who see this utility box to feel joy from it and hopefully inspire the next generation of artists, as he understands that a strong image can resonate with a person for a lifetime.

Box Description: Fantastical Dream

Location: Magnolia & California