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The Burbank High School Dance Program currently has three levels of instruction – Dance 1, Dance 2, and Dance 3. Dance 1 is an introduction class for beginning dancers. Dance 2 is for intermediate/advanced dancers, and Dance 3 is for the Burbank High School Dance Team, Unleashed. Styles of dance covered in the program include, … read more »

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The Red Chair School is unique as they offer high quality Dance AND Theatre classes for children 18 months thru adults. Whether you are looking for an introductory dance class for your 4-year-old, a pre-professional ballet class or an acting class to assist with auditions, you will find it here at the Red Chair School. … read more »

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Garri Dance Studio offers dance and music classes for adults and kids ages toddler and up, with options that include tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, and more. The first class is always free, by appointment.

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Artistic expression through dance can take many forms and styles — not every student will become a classical ballerina. As students at BSB develop a solid foundation of technique through their ballet training, we encourage our students to broaden their vocabulary of dance movement & skills by studying additional dance styles. For this reason, BSBs … read more »