Steve Eastin

Steve Eastin
Actor / Teacher

Cultural Artists Spotlight: March 6 – March 19, 2019

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
I am the owner and sole instructor at The Steve Eastin Acting Studio. I provide on camera classes three times a week to actor’s looking to sharpen their skills. We film the students every other week on state of the art digital equipment. I also am a working actor with an extensive resume including such major films as Field of Dreams, Catch Me if you Can, Con Air, Up in the Air, over a 150 television shows and some hundred national commercials.

How did you first become interested in acting?
I became interested in acting when I saw Robin Hood with Errol Flynn as a six year old in the isolated prairie town of Wray, Colo. (pop. 1750) I asked my parents if we could wait around the theater until those people came out from behind that white sheet so I could ask them how one gets to do that. The hook was set. When I was 8 years old I was playing catch with my Dad and I told him when I grew up I was going to be either a major league baseball pitcher or a movie actor. Thirty years later they both came true when I got to play pitcher Eddie Cicotte in the movie Field of Dreams.

How can art enrich a community, and what are some ways people can become engaged with art in Burbank?
The power of art can affect massive social change. Burbank is such a wonderful anomaly. It is like a small mid-western town at the very heart of the largest entertainment center in the world. The school programs at Burbank and Burroughs are second to none and the Parks Dept. also provides workshops for the young.

If you could share with our community one thing about art, what would it be?
The one thing I would share about art that has made the greatest impact on me is how it can be a tremendous agent for progressive social change. Art has been in the forefront in the battle against racism, sexism and homophobia. And, most of all, art inspires. Inspiration is as important to human beings as the breath. In fact the word inspire comes from the Latin inspiro meaning “to breathe in.”

To find out more about Steve, visit his websites at (acting) and (school).