Multimedia Artist

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? I love creating art in all forms, but I especially enjoy painting with acrylics or drawing with markers and colored pencils. Lately, I’ve been working on pet portrait commissions. In my spare time, I like working on expressionism paintings. My expressionism art usually revolves around mental health, personal experiences, and identity.

How did you first become interested in art? My grandfather once sketched a picture of me when I was around age 5 or 6 and showed me how to draw. He was the most supportive person in my life during a time that I felt as if I was not good at anything else. With his encouragement, I discovered the joy that art can bring and I have been drawing ever since.

How does art enrich a community, and what are some ways people can engage with art in Burbank? All of L.A. is a beautiful mixture of individuals with diverse backgrounds. I believe all forms of art can unite communities by conveying similar experiences and emotions that people might not be able to articulate with just words. Art can convey the values that are important to a community. It can encourage a call to action. It can be thought provoking. Art exists everywhere you go, even just walking around town. Murals, for example, can be a reflection of the history of the city, they can be references to pop culture, they can also inspire onlookers to create art of their own. A piece of art is a snapshot in time, displaying the community’s culture, technology, and ideas of that era.

If you could share with our community one thing about art, what would it be? Art is a great healing tool, whether it be doodling, painting, dancing, writing, etc. It is therapeutic as it keeps us grounded and present in the moment, which as a result, releases stress. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about art – everyone starts somewhere, and there are many forms of art to partake in.

To find out more about Silvia and her work, follow her on instagram @silviier