Rajasri Mallikarjuna
Secretary, Musicians at Play Foundation
Production Editor, Alfred Music

Newsletter: January 17 – January 31, 2018

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
I’m a composer, an editor at Alfred Music, and a board member of Musicians at Play Foundation (MAP). I recently finished writing a ballet called Draupadi, and I work on new piano, choral, and string products at the publishing company. I’m also currently organizing a composers’ workshop with MAP, to help local composers hear their music played live by professional-level instrumentalists and receive feedback from other musicians.

How did you first become interested in music?
I remember seeing a piano at a neighbor’s house at the age of five and feeling instantly drawn to the instrument. That neighbor became my piano teacher a few years later, and I have been involved in music ever since.

How do you think art can enrich our community, and what are some ways people can become engaged with art in Burbank?
Art is a result of human expression, and it can allow members of a community to feel more connected and understood by sharing different perspectives and experiences. Art can also be therapeutic, fun, educational, and exciting; regardless of how people are engaged with art, participation is healthy for both individuals and communities. Burbank offers an array of interactive events and venues to experience various art forms. As a second-year resident of the city, I’ve loved attending the summer arts fair and seeing live music in downtown Burbank. I’ve been to wonderful concerts held by the Burbank Chamber Music Society, and I look forward to experiencing similar high-caliber events this year.

If you could share with our community one thing about art, what would it be?
There are no limits when it comes to art; never hesitate to express yourself through it in your own, unique way.

To find out more about Raj’s work, visit http://www.musiciansatplay.org/