John Keating

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? Hello. My name is John Keating and I am an actor living in Burbank.

How did you first become interested/involved in the arts? Any interesting early experiences? I first became interested in the arts during my adolescence. I used to draw cartoons that I was inspired by in “Mad” magazine. In junior high and high school, I began performing as an actor in school plays and on the forensics team. In college, I majored in theatre and drama with an acting/directing emphasis while taking graduate level art history courses.

With regards to acting, etc. (your various specialities), what might be an interesting tidbit or two that regular citizens might not realize about your process? A key component of the craft of acting is continuous training. My acting coach, Brian Cutler, often compares the training of an actor to that of an athlete. Gone are the days when athletes could take off six months a year. They now train year round. That is what I do at the Brian Cutler Actors Studio. Not only does my training keep me sharp, it also gives me the confidence to pursue this wonderful business of show.

How do the Arts enrich a community, and what are some of your favorite ways people can engage with art in Burbank? The arts allow one to experience beauty in its many different forms. Whether it’s going to one of the many art galleries in Burbank or seeing a movie at the Media Center, you can experience the joy of expression that the arts encourage.

If you could share with our community one piece of advice about making art / being creative, what would it be? Train. Study. Become skilled at what you do. And never stop learning.